Why Sing?

Music is the shorthand of emotion. - Leo Tolstoy

Singing lullabies has been a tradition passed down in every culture and tradition around the world.  Today, however, we have packed away our voices and turned on the radio.  After all, those slick packaged CD performers sing better, right?  Not really.  Researchers have found that babies do prefer the voice of their mother, or other caregiver, to any other sound source (including Mozart). Not only that,  researchers have found that nurturing and environmental stimulation, especially in the early stages, can actually effect how genes work and effect infant brain development. More than any other auditory stimuli, music simultaneously activates numerous neurological pathways including, Sensory perception, Cognition, and Motor Ability. .
Singing Lullabies:
  • promotes bonding
  • comforts, reduces stress and reinforces familiarity
  • promote language development
  • regulates mood
  •  has positive health benefits for baby and mother
A lullaby is a song with simple structure, limited range and repetitive lyrics.  It does not have to be the same songs that were sung to you as a child...it can be any song sung in a quiet manner.