Kaiden's Lullaby

Here is a song that I wrote for my littlest son when he was small.  He still asks for it...which makes me smile.  I borrowed the melody from Dvorak's New World Symphony (Largo).  I am not the first person to write words to this melody.  William Arms Fisher made this melody popular in 1922 when he wrote the song,"Going Home" There is a beautiful version of "Goin' Home" sung by Libera on Youtube.

Kaiden's Lullaby
Hush-a-bye, Little one, Hush my sweetest one
Quiet like, this still night, let your dreams take flight
I am here just close by, always at your side
Through the dark, then till day, I will guide your way.
Shining stars light the sky, with the moon close by
Let my song, calm your fears
I'll be always near....I'll be always near

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