Down in the Valley (a variation)

This is a traditional American folk song.  The melody is very beautiful, however, I am not really a fan of all the terms of making a great lullaby.  My favourite verse is...the second...I added a suggested third verse....but you can try making up one on your own...give it a try!

Down in the Valley (a variation)
Roses love sunshine, violets love dew.
Angels in heaven, know I love you.
Know I love you, dear, know I love you
Angels in heaven, know I love you. 

My little darling, I love you so
My little darling, this you must know
This you must know, dear, this you must know
My little darling, this you must know.

or you could try your own verse:
My little darling,_____________(insert something you love about your little one)
My little darling,_____________ (something that rhymes with the 1st line)
__________________,(repeat ending of 2nd line), dear,_______________(repeat 2nd line ending)
My little darling, ____________(repeat 2nd line ending or something that rhymes)

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